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The yard and landscaping that surrounds your home is often your escape from the rest of our hectic modern lives, a little bit of greenery (and often a little bit of privacy) that allows us to enjoy space outdoors without feeling cooped up all the time.


At the same time, the yard and landscaping that surrounds your home is very much a reflection of you, your loved ones, and your property in general. A well-dressed, well-maintained, impeccably designed landscape is always a sign of prosperity and attention to detail – and it’s more accessible with the help of landscaping services like our own than ever before!


For quite a while now we have been regarded as one of the best landscaping Madison, WI companies in the community and it’s been our great pleasure to help our friends, family members, and neighbors throughout Madison and surrounding area improve their landscaping while handling the heavy lifting for them.


Whether you’re looking for lawn care and lawn maintenance services, snow removal when our Wisconsin winters get particularly nasty, tree trimming and hedge shaping, storm and seasonal cleanup, and so much more we have you covered!


Over the years we’ve been able to work with homeowners and clients from all walks of life, with all different kinds of properties, and with all the different types of budgets. We’ve been able to make sure that the landscaping solutions we provide here in Madison are always tuned to the priorities of our clients – and that’s another big piece of the puzzle behind why we are one of the most frequently recommended Madison landscape organizations around.


At the same time, we understand that there are lots of landscaping company options out there in Madison that are going to promise the moon and the stars when it comes to service, results, and competitive prices.


We want you to know that while we do promise all of these things (and plus some) our reputation throughout the Madison community shows that we deliver on these promises time and time again, helping you to carefully craft and curate the kinds of outdoor spaces that add so much to your home and your own life.


If you have any questions whatsoever about the types of Madison landscape solutions we provide, or want to learn more about the services that we are so proud to offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us at your earliest convenience.


We are here to help!


Highlighting Some Of The Landscaping Services That We Provide


One of the biggest differences between our landscaping company and many of the other options you’ll have to pick and choose from here in Madison has to be the sheer volume of the services we provide – something we are only able to provide because of the years of wisdom, training, and the expertise our landscapers have themselves.


Each and every one of the employees we bring on board to our landscaping company are veterans of the industry or rookies eager to learn more and eager to master the “inside secrets” we’ve been able to discover along the way to better, greener, healthier landscapes.


Whether you’re talking about our landscape architecture professionals that can take a piece of land and turn it into something else entirely – almost as if they were painting with natural materials – or the professional landscapers and laborers that handle the heavy lifting of bringing your project to life each and every one of these experts are exactly that (experts) with a laser like focus on attention to detail.


This helps to separate our services from all others, and when you combine that with the multitude of different options you’ll have to pick and choose from when you select our Madison landscape company, this type of decision becomes a bit of a no-brainer!


Here are just some of the most common landscaping solutions we provide our clients throughout Madison and the surrounding area…

Lawn Care


Your lawn is going to have a huge impact not only on the way your home looks and the way your yard feels, but it’s also going to have a huge impact on your property values as well as your peace of mind and how you feel about your home and the land that it sits upon.


Front yards are the picture window that your property is seen through by friends, family, neighbors, and even complete and total strangers. You want to make sure that your front lawn is impeccably manicured, healthy, green, and beautifully dressed – all adding to your peace of mind, your quality of life, and your property values.


Some folks call the front yard dressing “curb appeal”, but we are a landscaping company that prefers to think of the front yard as the first impression your property gives the rest of the world.


When everything is taken care of – your lawn neatly trimmed and edged, your grass beautifully green and patch three, flowers strategically dotted across your front yard landscaping (and maybe a couple of other neat features throughout) – your property is going to come alive in your home is going to look newer and more valuable.


Side yards and backyards are regularly seen as “play areas” – for children and adults – and should be impeccably maintained and landscaped but should also be designed for more utilitarian and privacy goals than the front yard is.


Our lawn care Madison WI company likes to think of side yards and backyards as extensions of your interior living spaces. With the right landscaping, the right hardscape thing, and the right lighting solutions you can turn these outdoor spaces into livable square footage pretty easily for at least three seasons out of the year (with Madison winters making outdoor spaces a little less livable because of the cold and the snow).


Our lawn care experts not only cut and trim lawns to keep them looking clean and fresh but also:


-Feed and fertilize lawns to help reestablish a more intact root system and promote a healthier looking lawn across the board.

-Re-seed and patch parts of the lawn that aren’t as healthy as the rest, bringing them back in line with the luscious green carpet of lawn you were hoping for.

-Strategically water or implement irrigation systems designed to save money, save water, and lower your environmental footprint while at the same time improving the health and vitality of your lawn.

-Edge and maintain the perimeters of your lawn so that everything looks neat and orderly rather than like a bit of shaggy carpet rolled out across your property.


… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Depending on the season (depending on your specific lawn) many of the tools and technology we use to care for your lawn are going to mulch the clippings and redistribute them back across your property to increase the nitrogen levels.


Nitrogen is such a huge piece of the puzzle to the health and happiness of your lawn, and it’s hard to imagine a better way to feed your lawn than by using clippings created during lawn care for that exact purpose.


There are other areas of expertise that are Madison landscape company can provide when it comes to lawn care, too. But the ones we highlighted above are the most frequently requested solutions we are happy to offer our clients in Madison.


Snow Removal


With the average snowfall in Madison, Wisconsin sitting at just about 42 inches (slightly under 4 feet of snow a year) – usually with a couple of big storms bringing the bulk of that accumulation – should come as no surprise to anyone that’s spent a winter in Madison that are snow removal services are so popular.


Our landscaping company begins winter preparation in early fall, making sure that all of our snow removal tools and technology are up-to-date, perfectly maintained, and ready for the stress that will inevitably be put on this equipment when actual snow removal is necessary.


The first few snowfalls of the season are always a hectic time, usually with new clients calling about our snow removal solutions – solutions we are happy to offer anyone and everyone looking to take advantage of them.


We have a full fleet of impeccably maintained plow trucks that are deployed just as soon as the snow starts to accumulate, plow trucks that are available 24/7 (including on emergency basis) to make sure that your driveways are never filled with snow when it’s time to leave.


On top of that, our landscaping company here in Madison also maintains a full fleet of commercial grade snow blowers and snow thrower systems.


The solutions allow us to clean up walkways in a hurry, to get rid of snow on sidewalks, and to remove snow from hard to reach (or hard to plow) areas of your driveway and your property that traditional snow removal equipment cannot access.


Of course, each and every one of the Madison landscape employees we have here also have pretty strong backs and aren’t afraid to grab a shovel when necessary.


The last thing you want to worry about when a nasty winter storm brews up here in Wisconsin is having to head out in the frigid cold and shovel yourself out – and with our snow removal solutions that will never be a worry again!


On top of traditional snow removal solutions we also provide:


Commercial property snow removal solutions for larger parking lots and parking areas

Deicing solutions to provide for a safer walkway at home or at a place of business

Snow rake solutions to guarantee that snow does not accumulate on top of your roof and potentially cause dangerous situations


… And that’s just barely beginning to scratch the surface of what our landscaping Madison WI company has to offer in the snow removal department!


Tree and Hedge Trimming/Shaping


While it’s difficult to tell the difference between a lawn that has recently been mowed and a lawn that has been mowed a week or two ago (aside from it looking a little fuzzier, if you will) there aren’t too terribly many things as unsightly as overgrown shrubs and trees that aren’t well taken care of.


A lot of this has to do with the fact that trees and shrubs are so prominent on otherwise flat and open landscapes, but some of it has to do with the fact that we anticipate (and subconsciously expect) these kinds of landscaping elements to be well taken care of – just because they so frequently are.


If, for a variety of different reasons, your trees and hedges aren’t quite in tip top condition however you shouldn’t worry. Our landscaping Madison WI services can help get them back into better than brand-new shape faster than you would have thought possible!


Not only will our experts be able to trim your trees and hedges to give them a more aesthetically pleasing shape, but they can also trim away the leaves, branches, and components of the plants that are holding the trees and hedges back from a health standpoint, too.


One of the biggest (and most important) reasons landscape architecture professionals recommend regular tree trimming and hedge shaping is to actually cut away overgrowth that is hindering the overall health and vitality of these plants.


When left to their own devices and to grow unchecked and out of control these plants will extend themselves well beyond what their resources can accommodate – and that’s how you end up with dead, dying, or sickly looking plants throughout your landscape.


Our Madison landscape experts will arrive on site and do a quick diagnosis of all the different types and varieties of trees and hedges you have on your property. From there, a total plan of action to first nurture these plants back to good health and then to shape them aesthetically is put into place – and then we get to work.


We have invested significantly in top-quality tree trimming chainsaws, shaping equipment, and hedge clippers that allow us to do a top-tier job very quickly, very efficiently, and very safely.


On top of that, you won’t ever have to worry about hedge clippings or tree limbs and other droppings left laying on your lawn, either. Our experts take care of all of that for you – either chipping them on site before leaving your property or taking them away in our trucks to be chipped up and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way later down the line.


All things considered, you’ll never have to worry about climbing up ladders, dealing with chainsaws, or fighting through the headache and hassle of trying to trim trees and hedges all on your own without the years of experience that we have already under our belts.


Storm and Seasonal Cleanup


If you have lived in Madison, Wisconsin for even just a couple of years you’ve no doubt already experienced some of the temperamental storms that we get periodically throughout the year.


A big part of the landscaping Madison WI services we provide here are our storm and seasonal cleanup solutions, helping people to rebuild and restore their landscape, their yard, and their property after Mother Nature has had her way with things.


Now, granted, we do not usually have to worry about the same kinds of storms like folks in Kansas have to worry about – it’s pretty rare for a twister to find its way up here in Wisconsin – but our snowstorms can be devastating, our ice storms can be debilitating, and the wind can wreak havoc on its own here in Madison without ever reaching twister or hurricane speeds.


Our lawn care Madison WI experts understand that we have some long days ahead of us whenever the weather turns bad, but it’s always been a priority for us to help breathe new life into landscapes and properties that have otherwise been cluttered up or devastated by these kinds of extreme weather patterns.


We also are proud to offer some of the best seasonal cleanup solutions any landscaping company in Madison (or anywhere else in Wisconsin, for that matter) offer as well.


Every three months we help our clients clean things up from the previous season and prepare for the next, providing them with simple checklists as well as hands-on services that not only protect their property – their landscape and their home – but also cleanup and tidy up their outdoor spaces in advance of seasonal changes.


Whether this means raking of leaves at the end of fall so that snow removal becomes a whole lot easier or getting ready to plant in the late spring ahead of the summer growing season makes no difference, our experts are standing by and ready to help in any and every way we can!


Our seasonal and storm cleanup solutions have helped grow our lawn care Madison WI company more than maybe anything else, and we are proud of the fact that we work so hard and so diligently to make sure that our friends, family, neighbors, and community members here in Madison are well taken care of.


Tree and Stump Removal


Getting rid of unwanted trees on your property is always a bit of a tricky situation, regardless of whether or not you’re dealing with trees that are otherwise in perfect health or trees that are dead, dying, or sickly and need to be removed for safety reasons.


Sure, cutting down the trees is difficult enough on its own – you have to expect and anticipate where it’s going to fall, how it’s going to fall, and strategically remove the tree so that it doesn’t destroy other parts of your property or landscape.


But the other big piece of the puzzle is figuring out what to do with the stump and root system that inevitably gets left behind.


Well, when you choose to take advantage of our lawn care Madison WI services of those issues fly right out the window.


Not only do we provide full tree trimming solutions (as highlighted above) but we also provide tree removal solutions that will safely and efficiently cut up and remove trees standing on your property – or trees that have already fallen – alongside our stump removal services.


With our help you can go from having trees on your property that you want gone one day to a completely “tree free” landscape the next, all without ever knowing that a tree was standing there previously.


We don’t just remove stumps and root systems (so that trees cannot begin to regrow), but we also make sure to backfill that part of your lawn and reseed the area so that grass begins to grow ASAP. All of the downed limbs, cut up parts of the trunk, and other pieces of the tree that we have removed will either be chipped up on site or removed to be disposed of in environmentally friendly ways later on.


Shoreline Protection


If you’re lucky enough to own property along the shorelines here in Madison – a city that sits out on the isthmus between Like Mendota and Lake Monona – you’re going to want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to protect your shoreline, not only from a usability and environmental standpoint but also from a property value standpoint, too.


No, Madison isn’t located out on a coastal region – or out on one of the Great Lakes – but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t suffering from its fair share of yearly erosion.


Like other municipalities, your shoreline is the area located between the low tide mark and the high tide mark of your property. Unfortunately, because of erosion that might mean that your property shrinks year after year as more and more of your shoreline disappears into one of our lakes.


Thankfully though, with the help of our shoreline protection solutions you’ll be able to better cement your property lines and protect your shoreline from washing away annually.


Our architecture specialists understand exactly how to carefully craft specific “seawall” structures that work as breakwaters and jetties to help funnel water away from your shoreline without becoming a big eyesore. These kinds of structures are hardscape to into your property, providing you with protection from erosion and shoreline disappearance while adding aesthetically to your property at the exact same time.


It doesn’t get much better than that!


Lawn Care Madison WI

Lawn care is as simple as re imagining the life of your outdoor space.

But is lawn care that simple? Can you envision your lawn and create perfection without the help of a professional? Do you have the right lawn care tools? We do…

Trimming (Tree, Bush, Hedge)

Shrubs and trees create a beautiful accent for your home. But you cannot leave your plants to grow willy-nilly.

Overlooking the trees and bushes destroys aesthetics. Therefore, the maintenance of the bushes, trees, and the hedge is critical…

Tree/Stump Removal

Are you looking for professional tree/stump removal services in Madison? We’ve got you! When it comes to landscape architecture, stump/ tree removal is essential and it has to be done with extra care…

Snow Removal

If you live in Madison and are looking for a company that offers the best snow removal services for your home, property, or business, you’re in the right place.

Collected snow on the rooftop causes water damage…

Storm Cleanup

Trying to get back your life after a storm is tough. Storms put stress on your finances, physical and mental health, and in most cases, most people never fully recover.

From property repairs to trying to rebuild every aspect of your life…

Shore Protection

How do you overcome the landscaping challenges that come with living by an inspiringly beautiful creek, lake, river, pond, or any other body of water? Can you deal with your shoreline…

Why Choose Our Landscaping Madison WI Services


When you get right down to it, you are going to have a myriad of options to pick and choose from when it comes to landscaping Madison WI services.


It’s obviously important that you move forward with a company you can trust, a company that is 100% licensed and insured, and a company with a track record that you can independently verify – as well as a reputation for fair dealings, competitive prices, and quality services across the board.


We believe wholeheartedly that we are the very best landscaping company in all of Madison, Wisconsin. Not only that, we appreciate the reputation that we’ve been able to build up with our clients that feel the same way and are always on the lookout for ways to offer even better services at even better prices whenever possible.


If you’d like to learn a little more about what we have to offer when it comes to lawn care Madison WI solutions, or if you’d like us to come out to your property for a more concrete estimate of what our services may involve and costs, please reach out to us when you get a chance.


We’d love to talk!


Contact us today for more details.

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