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Shoreline Protection Madison WI

How do you overcome the landscaping challenges that come with living by an inspiringly beautiful creek, lake, river, pond, or any other body of water?
Can you deal with your shoreline fragility/sensitivity, especially with weather changes? Can you protect your home and the shoreline in the event of drought, torrential rainfall, and tides? What about the force of the high waves that could crash and wash away your shoreline should you have a motorized watercraft!
And most importantly, how do you handle shoreline erosion, an event that poses a great risk to
your property?
Well, we’re the answer to all your shoreline and the associated landscaping problems. As Madison landscape experts, and residents of Madison WI, we’ve had a first-hand experience of the effects of poorly protected shorelines and seeing many properties destroyed by the waters, we had to do something. 
What started as a preventive and educational mission a few years back is now a fully-fledged landscape, lawn care, and shoreline protection company. We focus on residential and commercial properties by the waters. 
Our services like Shoreline Protection Madison WI, aim to protect properties and water bodies. To offer the best level of protection, our team of experts provides shoreline protection services to meet different needs. Call Landscaping Madison WI Today!
Methods of Shoreline Protection

If you’re like many other homeowners we’ve interacted with, you don’t like the feel/ look of the cold and stark boulders exposed on your yard. But you might like bioengineering for shoreline protection. Bioengineering might also work well for you if you have pets or children who could be injured by the small crevices in the rocks and boulders. This is why you should invest in our service Shoreline Protection Madison WI.
How does bioengineering work?
Instead of putting rocks and boulders by the shoreline, we plant deeply-rooted native plants and biodegradable blankets. These plants are deep-rooted and highly adaptable to the aquatic environment, quickly taking root in the shore’s underlying soil layer. With 60% of all shoreline plants’ biomass lying underground, planting deeply-rooted native plants is one of the most effective shoreline protection and erosion control methods. These plants will prevent any further loss of soil once they’re rooted.
Unlike rocks/ boulder installations, bioengineering is more effective because the mechanisms
employed grow stronger with time. As the native plants’ roots grow deeper into the soil, they
stabilize and control the shoreline. And in addition to keeping the shoreline intact, the native plants are aesthetically pleasing, they repair shoreline damage, and they also create desirable wildlife habitats.
Bioengineering is cost-effective and eco-friendly. And the installation process is not labor-
The Installation of Biodegradable Blankets
This shoreline protection process involves the use of biodegradable blankets. For this, we lay
down (on the shoreline) the blankets which work as a protective cover for the native plants with
deep roots. The laying down of the blankets takes place while the plants sprout and grow strong
in the soil.
This blanket will degrade quickly and disappear with time as the plants grow. The beauty of the biodegradable blankets lies in their ability to protect the shoreline soil as the plants grow. The blankets secure the soil in place and armor your shoreline.
What are biodegradable blankets?
As the name suggests, the biodegradable blankets are blankets made of organic/ natural fibers/
components. They are 100% natural and highly absorbent. And as the plants grow, the blankets
degrade creating all-natural vegetation suitable for the growth of plants.
Some of the materials used to make the blankets include straw, coconut fiber, jute fibers, and
curled wood fibers. In other cases, we use photo-degradable netting. Such nets are eco-friendly, they don’t affect wildlife, and they disappear slowly when exposed to sunlight.
Is your shoreline disappearing rapidly as a result of ice damage or crashing waves? Are the
previously installed rocks and boulders disintegrating? Contact us for safe and effective shoreline protection solutions.
Our team of dedicated, professional, experienced, and skilled personnel will handle everything;
from quote preparation to snow removal Madison WI, planting, shore maintenance, and overall
lawn care Madison WI. And you might like that we offer these services at affordable rates.
The other services we offer include:
 Lawn Care (Tree/Stump Removal, Trimming (Tree, Bush, Hedge)
 Snow Removal
 Storm Cleanup
 Landscape architecture
Shoreline Protection Madison WI
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