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Lawn care is as simple as re imagining the life of your outdoor space. But is lawn care that simple? Can you envision your lawn and create perfection without the help of a professional? Do you have the right lawn care tools? Here at Landscaping Madison WI We do!

We’re Madison’s leading lawn care and landscaping company that offers all the services needed to recreate your outdoors from simple to serenely surreal.

For years, we’ve installed and maintained lawns all around Madison and in doing this, we’ve been fortunate to build mutually-beneficial relationships with our customers. But isn’t something we woke up to – building trusting relationships took a lot of work. We exceed expectations, and no project is too big for us.

One of the areas of service we excel in is lawn care.

For an attractive landscape, your lawns require regular maintenance. But what you might not know is that that maintenance of lawns is only successful if you follow a specific lawn maintenance plan. Our team knows this fact all too well. Therefore, we kick off lawn care services only after we view your property.

How Do We Do It?

Lawn care is a comprehensive, ongoing process whose success relies on the articulation of every step taken. For impressive lawn care services, landscaping Madison WI covers all the needs of your home.

 Lawn Mowing
A handful of people have the time to mow the lawn over the weekend and to do the job perfectly. But we have all the time (and resources) needed to create perfectly mowed lawns. Our team offers the best quality mowing services. But, how complicated can lawn mowing be?

To answer your question: Lawn mowing is more than pushing the mower along the yard in straight lines. It entails investing in the best mowers, the ones that will not just trim the grass but also collect the mulch and create pristine patterns, every week. And we take our processes seriously. A day on the lawn starts with the sharpening of blades (sharpening takes place daily). This daily ritual, as well as the change in mowing patterns, give your lawn that perfectly manicured look.

Besides mowing the lawn around your entire property, the mowing team also provides hedge trimming services for the trees, bushes and the hedge. String trimming takes place all along the edges, posts, and trees. For trimming, a trimmer comes into play.

But our work is not complete until we remove all the loose grass from the pavements and all the other undesirable areas. Using our high tech and powerful power blowers, you will be all smiles when you get home. Thanks too landscaping Madison WI!

 Mulching
You need fresh mulch for a sharp-looking landscape. But there’s a catch; you cannot guess the amount of fresh mulch your lawn needs. We understand the importance of the right quantity of fresh mulch for your lawn, which is why we’re best-fitted to taking care of your lawn.

Remember that mulching is essential for your lawn. Fresh mulch prevents loss of moisture from the ground and the plants’ roots. Mulch will also decompose over time, organically, giving your plants the nutrients they need to grow. Also, fresh mulch prevents the germination of pesky weeds.

 Seasonal Cleanups
There’s one thing you should be certain of when you live in Madison – the leaves. The leaves fall, always. It gets on the nerves easily. For your peace of mind, we provide seasonal cleanup services as one of the lawn maintenance services offered.
When it comes to seasonal cleanups, we don’t play. We offer a full-service package that includes lawn refuse removal and disposal.

Instead of calling us for the seasonal cleanups only, you could also schedule seasonal shrub pruning, as well as the bed clearing for your perennials. Our services are affordable. So, instead of asking your neighbor how much they paid for their lawn to be mowed; only to be disappointed by the cheap services, we’ll create a schedule that fits your lawn’s unique needs, and size.

Besides the fall leaves, we also provide tree/ stump removal services. Just call us for a quote. Note that our cleanup services are not limited to trees and leaves, we also offer storm cleanup, snow removal and Lawn Care Madison WI services.

 Weed Control
One of the main reasons why most people fail at lawn care is that they are unable to control weeds in their lawns and the ornamental beds. But years of experience taking care of lawns and learning about different weeds and environments make us the best persons to reach out form weed control and lawn care services.

If you have an ornamental rock bed or a mulch bed, we’ll help with weed control through hand weeding, as well as the use of herbicides (pre-emergent herbicide treatments and post emergent herbicides). In most cases, we combine the three methods.
If you prefer a non-chemical/ organic option, we’ll also deliver. We have a team that specializes in organic gardening and landscaping.

And speaking of control, our lawn care services also include shoreline protection using naturaln processes and deep-rooted native plants.

 Dethatching
Dethatching involves the removal of the thatch that builds up around the stems of the grass. Thatch is the layer of grass that right blow the stem of your grass. This process allows sunlight, moisture, and fertilizer to penetrate deep into the soil. 

Even though the buildup of thatch is a natural process in the lawns, the buildup of this dead or even the non-decomposed grass roots, stems, and debris will cause the barrier above the base of the soil. This barrier lowers the rate of absorption of nutrients by the roots. The buildup of thatch also harbors insects and pests while encouraging diseases.

Our team will remove thatch using the rake/ mower-mounted dethatcher (cheap and less invasive) which vacuums debris into the bagger or the rotary dethatcher (invasive and expensive).

 Fertilization and Aeration
For the survival of your lawn, you have to give the plants and soil a little boost from fertilizer. We’ll design a program that works best for your program and also uses licensed products. The other type of help your lawn needs is in the form of aeration. We offer aeration services as part of our lawn care services. And we ensure that fertilization and aeration is done at the right time.

Aeration involves the removal of the plugs or small cores in the lawn. Aeration will break down the turf within a week. The breakdown is important as it encourages the decomposition of thatch, and it also revives compacted soil. Oxygen, fertilizer, water, and sunlight will reach the roots quickly after aeration, enhancing growth.

We’re dedicated to offering the best Lawn Care Madison WI services. Our teams are reliable, and they’ll offer
all the services above with ease. If you’re looking for the best landscape architecture, lawn care, or anything else related to the care of your outdoor spaces, out Madison landscape and lawn care teams are on deck to help you. Call Landscaping Madison WI today!

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