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Preparing For Landscaping In The Spring For Madison Wisconsin

During the colder months, it may seem like spring will never arrive. However your landscaping is going to need attention throughout the year. Many trees, bushes , and lawn beds require maintenance in the winter months in order to flourish in hotter months. Although it’s easy to get behind, following these landscaping tips will get you ready for spring and summer

  • Maintain Mulch Beds

Winter weather can be tough on landscaping. Even plants and trees that may be in mulch beds are not necessarily safe from the elements. If you start to notice that the mulch in your beds are getting low then it’s time to replenish them. Keep mulch around in your garage or gardening shed and add more to the mulch beds as needed throughout the winter. This is an area where a little goes a long way though. They only need enough to cover the roots until spring

When it comes to berry bushes and fruit trees, they need a little more care than the rest of the landscape during the colder months. However you will enjoy the hard work you put in when they come back healthy and colorful in the spring. When the weather is slightly warmer during the winter, take the time to prune back trees and bushes to their healthy shape. You’ll notice that they come back healthier and heartier in the Spring.

  • Save Trees from Snow

If you start to notice snow piling up on the evergreens after a winter storm gently shake the branches in order to remove the snow to prevent breakage and straining. The ice that can cover the branches can be left there as it will melt naturally over time. Attempting to break off the ice may actually cause more damage to the trees so it’s best to just remove the heavier snow and leave the rest.

  • Turn the Soil

Once again, you may have some warmer days throughout the winter. When you find a warmer day, spend a few hours turning the soil as it thaws. This will not only aerate the soil but it will also expose any unwanted insect eggs before they set in the garden. The in-between of thawing temperatures is the best time to get your soil ready for a warmer spring.

  • Plan Your Spring Design

When it comes to winter landscaping the hard work that you put in is only half the battle. Tending to your landscaping may actually jog your memory for any ideas that you have for designs in the spring. If you want to update your landscape with updates, now is the best time to plan. Call Landscaping Madison WI today! 

Make sure that you write down any ideas during the winter. You can then put these ideas forward yourself or find professional landscapers to do the heavy lifting.

  • Order Flowers and Herbs

If you have an idea of what you want to plant in your garden or mulch beds then it’s the best time to get ready. Spring is here, which is the best time to plant flowers and herbs on your landscape, especially if you like to order your plants or seeds online. For the best results, order your bulbs and seedlings early . Some annuals like pansies should be planted in early spring so you won’t want to get left behind.

  • Get Your Maintenance Schedule

Consider professionals in your area that are well-versed in landscape maintenance. These professionals do a great job at making your property a magnificent masterpiece. Depending on your landscaping needs, you may be able to do the work yourself or you may want to hire a professional. Searching for landscaping near me is a fairly simple task but its a good idea to find these services early on. Determine which services you need help with and find a great landscaping company to make the maintenance and up-keep a stress-free part of your life.

Now that you have an idea of what you should do to get your landscape ready for spring, it’s time to get started. Depending on the type of property you have, this may be a simple task or one that’s slightly more involved. Regardless of the time and effort required, get started early to ensure that you’ll have a healthy and beautiful lawn and garden come spring. Leave the stress and labour to the professional landscaping companies such as Landscaping Madison WI.

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